EZ Kaizen™

EZ Kaizen™

“ever wondered how companies implement thousands of suggestions ... learn the secret!"

Fact is, employees know how to improve their work and have good ideas on how to reduce waste and make improvements. Encourage them to develop and implement their ideas. EZ Kaizen™ provides a vehicle for capturing these improvements so we can thank employees, share their ideas and create momentum for even more suggestions to be implemented.

This is action-oriented! A focus on daily improvements; many of them small or incremental. This develops a culture shift ... fully engagaing and maximizing the day-to-day efforts and creativity of every employee!"

EZ Kaizen is a very frugal approach and values creativity over capital  =>  "Lets do the best we can, with what we have, right now!"

What is EZ Kaizen™?

• Challenge employees to come up with and implement their own ideas

• Small changes, incremental improvements

• Everyone involved … every day

• Always on the look out for improvement and waste reduction

• Becomes the culture

• Everyone is used to change

• Momentum from thousands of ideas implemented

 Benefits of EZ Kaizen™

* Higher productivity—the changes improve the employees work area

* Improved Quality—the changes improve processes

* Lower costs—waste is reduced and productivity and quality im-proved

*Higher Morale— the engaged employees are far more motivat-ed; and praised for their ideas


Kaizen setting the stage for innovation ...

• Finding and implementing small improvements builds capabilities for innovation

• Idea generation is ongoing; part of the culture

• Every employee is challenged to become a master problem solver

• Kaizen creates a learning organization

• Kaizen challenges everyone to be developing new ideas and seeing new
  possibilities … daily

• Kaizen is action orientated

• Kaizen is frugal; values creativity over capital

• Kaizen is about engagement

• Kaizen builds problem solving skills

• Kaizen is everyone looking relentlessly for improvement

• Kaizen is a continuously learning and improving organization